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About MyCloudBox

MyCloudBox is a digital storage environment for all your invoices and receipts.


Add receipts by using our mobile app, web dashboard oy by e-mail.


Find receipts by searching for text inside receipts and expenses.



The advanced features of MyCloudBox.

Cloud storage

Cloud storages are available almost anywhere, making it a great place for backing up your receipts. Connect multiple cloud storage providers with MyCloudBox for unlimited storage of your receipts. MyCloudBox has integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, WebDAV and OneDrive.

Automatic recognition

Invoices are accurately analyzed. The system searches for invoice numbers, Chamber of Commerce numbers, IBAN, VAT numbers, VAT percentages and total amount including VAT value. Ready to book!


Do you want expense reports integration with your accounting, payroll, CRM or ERP solution? No problem, please contact us to discuss integration. Currently we support Exact Online.




MyCloudBox is free of use.

If you have accounting software linked to your account, then you pay € 0.49 per processed booking.





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